Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Sylvia Hauser was born in Brooklyn NY in 1929. She loved Hebrew school, but gave it up after a while because nothing was translated into English in those times. After graduating high school, she became a bookkeeper. She met her husband in a restaurant but they barely spoke. He called her later that week, and when she asked him how he knew her name and number, he answered, “What kind of a cop would I be if I couldn’t find out simple information?”. He asked her to marry him after their first date, and she told him he was crazy. After a few more dates, they got engaged, married, moved to Queens and had three children. They moved to Florida in 1971. Sadly, her husband passed away in 1989, and her oldest son passed away while on vacation in Costa Rica. Sylvia also has five grandchildren and one great grandchild. After her husband passed, Sylvia sold her house and moved into a condo. She lived there for five years, until her children insisted, she move into an ALF. They didn’t want her to be alone. She moved to several different places and was unhappy until she found the one where we met. She enjoys coming to the TOP classes, and says she was brought up orthodox. This past week, she would not taste the Gefilta fish, because of a bad experience she had as a child. She went into the bathroom one Thursday evening and found a live carp swimming in her bathtub waiting to be made into Gefilta fish! She hasn’t had fish since then, but she still enjoyed the class.