Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins


TOP is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins, who serves as its Director.


TOP provides services in Torah study and spiritual growth to individuals across 14 different facilities. The purpose of this organization is to foster joy and meaning in the lives of senior citizens in South Florida.


Rabbi Bodkins travels to various facilities to offer classes and organize enriching activities for residents. The classes are based on Jewish principles, holidays, and events surrounding the Jewish calendar.


TOP’s programs aim to inspire Jewish seniors, while also giving them a sense of community and offering counseling and other resources. Many of the TOP participants live far from their families, no longer have living family members, or are Holocaust survivors. Our goal is for the residents to know that they are an important part of society, that they will be cared for, and will receive ongoing support.


By offering classes in Judaic subjects, religious commemorations and celebrations, visitations, and other religious oriented programs and outreach, TOP ensures that these Seniors continue to have fulfillment in their lives, and a continuing Jewish education.

‘Shabboxes’ at Torah Outreach Program of South Florida By: Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins

Torah Outreach Program reaches the news! ​Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins: