Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Shirley was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1927. When she was six years old, her family moved to Queens, where she attended elementary and high school. After graduating high school, Shirley was in charge of the accounting machine in the pre-calculator days for a clothing manufacturer in NY city. Shirley’s had relatives in Virginia, who owned a general merchandising store which was failing, so her parents moved to Virginia to take over the business. Shirley got married at 21, and her husband then took over the business. The couple had three boys. Two currently live in Virginia – one in Richmond, and the other in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her oldest lives in Del Ray, Florida, not far from the the ALF where she now lives. Shirley moved down to Florida after her husband passed away. After her husband died, she remarried. But her second husband died 12 years ago. She now has five grandchildren and two great grand children. I look forward to having Shirley in my class each week.