Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Seymour was born in NY City in 1934, and attended Yeshiva Rabbi Jacob Joseph until 9th grade. When Seymour was around 14 years old the family had to relocate to Florida due to bronchitis. After 9th grade they moved back to NY where Seymour attended Sued Park high school and then City College. After two years of school Seymour had to go to work when his father got sick with a brain tumor. Miraculously the tumor went away by its self. Seymour worked in clothing and dry goods. He moved back to Florida in 1948 for his father’s health. They lived in Miami Beach and Seymour lived there ever since. Recently he needed hip surgery and wasn’t able to live on his own after the surgery. Seymour is a religious Jew and enjoys coming to our weekly class and sharing his thoughts and ideas. He is also an exceptionally generous man, always bringing a book or video to give to me for my enjoyment, or my grandchildren. It turns out that Seymour is a cousin to a man that mentored me when I was in Yeshiva. We reconnected at a memorial for our Rebbi and started talking, catching up and decided to stay in touch. The following week I met Seymour and found out he was a close relative of a dear friend. Everything is controlled by Hashem!