Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Sabina was born on November 27th,1913, and grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her parents, Yehuda and Chaya, had emigrated from Sighet Romania. Sadly, Sabina grew up in a time that Jewish education was very weak in the U.S. especially for girls. Sabina’s mother covered her hair, which although today is a widely accepted Jewish law among religious women, it was practically unheard of in America back then. Sabina was the only one of her friends that didn’t have pocket change on Shabbos afternoon. She said she never felt deprived; this was just the way of life in her family. Her parents spoke to her in Yiddish, and they spoke Romanian if they didn’t want her to understand. Sabina learned English in school. Her father was everything to her. She talked about how soft spoken he was, how neat he was, and the love that he showed for his family and Yiddishkeit. The respect Sabina had for her parents was awesome. People have wondered how Sabina lived so long. The Torah tells us Kabed Es Avicha V’Es Imecha Lema’an Yarichu Yamecha – Honor your father and mother so your days will be long.