Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Ruth Spitz was born in 1926 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father was a Rabbi of a small congregation just outside of Pittsburgh. Ruth has one brother and three sisters. One sister lives in Miami Beach, one sister in Silver Springs, Maryland, and one in Charleston, SC. When Ruth was in her teens, the family moved to Hamilton, Ohio. Ruth married Bernard Spitz in 1946. The couple settled in Cincinnati and had three boys and one girl. Today, they are very proud of their children. One son is a Kashrus inspector in Miami, one son is a chaplain in NYC, and one son is a retired lawyer in Cincinnati. Their daughter teaches in a local JCC, lives in Hollywood, and I taught one of her children many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Spitz are also proud grandparents to 15 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren! One of her grandchildren, whom I taught, is a Mashgiach in the same facility that Ruth is staying. In 2011, Mr. and Mrs. Spitz were on vacation visiting their children in Florida when Ruth suffered several falls. With advice from family and doctors, Ruth moved into the Plaza at Pembroke Park Assisted Living facility. Mr. Spitz closed up his business and settled in Florida. Berny visits Ruth every day, besides Shabbos. Her grandson works in the facility and all her other children call and visit whenever possible. Mrs. Spitz makes it a point to come to my weekly class where she is often joined by her husband and they have become good friends of mine.