Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Rose was born in 1927 in Shidlavitz Poland. She was one of five children. Rose spent most of the war in the Skarztka Concentration camp until 1942. In July of that year she was transferred to Lipsic, Germany. She was there until 1945 when she was liberated by Russians. After the liberation she returned to Poland to see if any of her relatives survived. She found only one sister. From Germany she was able to go to Canada, where she worked in a bakery. She then met her husband. He had spent the war years in a Russian prison camp. After the war, he made his way to Canada, and found a job in a shoe factory. After they were married, he was able to open his own shoe factory. The couple had three boys and a girl. One daughter lives in LA and one son in Boston. All of her children went to Jewish schools, college, and became professionals. Rose has made Florida her winter home for years. She and her husband had a winter home in Sunrise Lake. She only transferred to Douglas Gardens after her husband passed away and Sunrise Lake lost its Jewish community. Rose is very proud of her family and her Yiddishkeit. She only discovered the TOP class last week, but plans on becoming a regular!