Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Rhoda was born in 1935 in Montreal, Canada, and attended Outremont School. In the afternoon, she attended Hebrew school. She was the only girl in her age group. After high school, Rhoda went to work as a secretary in Montreal. After she was married, she attended Florida Atlantic University. Rhoda got married about 25 years after high school and had two children. She is very proud to say that both children are observant Jews. Both are married; one lives in Texas and the other in North Miami Beach. She also has two grandchildren and one great grandchild. After Rhoda and her husband were married, they lived in Burlington, Vermont, and later Pompano Beach, Florida. Her husband was a stockbroker for a while and then worked at IBM. During this time, he also served as a reservist for the Army. Later the couple moved to Texas to be closer to their children. After some time in Texas, they moved back to Florida to be closer to their other children. Being that the class I give in Miami Jewish Health Systems has all male participants, Rhoda did not know if she would be welcome. She peeked in one day and I told her it’s only all men out of default, so she came and has been coming regularly. Once again, she is the only girl in the group!