Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Nancy was born in Brooklyn NY in 1944. Her father was an engineer for General Electric. Not long after Nancy’s birth, GE relocated her family to Venezuela and then to South Africa. The family came back to America when Nancy was in her 30’s. In 1971, she made Aliyah and lived on a Kibbutz. She came back to America in 1976, got married and moved to Florida. Nancy had three children – two girls and a boy. Her Husband was not well and Nancy needed to relocate to Chicago with her children. In 1997, she moved back to Florida to take care of her ailing mother. After Nancy’s mom passed away, her younger daughter moved in to be with her. Later when Nancy got sick, her younger daughter needed to leave, but her older daughter moved back from Chicago to take care of her. Two months ago, Nancy fell and she needed to go to rehabilitation in a facility in Plantation. It was there that I met Nancy and her daughter. I was giving a class about the beauty of Shabbos and Lisa, Nancy’s daughter, began to cry. Later she told me she remembered a lot of what I was talking about, but it had been so long since she seen Shabbos because of the turmoil she had in her life. I then invited Lisa to spend Shabbos with us, which she did together with two of her children. When Lisa and her daughter lit Shabbos candles together with my wife, she cried again but this time my wife and all our other guests cried together with her.