Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Myrna Copperman was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1948. She was an only child to two American born parents. Her father was from Mississippi and her mom was born in Brooklyn, NY.
Her father worked as a clothing salesman and sent Myrna to Farmingdale University. It was there that she acquired a love for teaching and earned an associate degree in education. She then went on to Hofstra and received her bachelor’s in education and master’s in special ed. After she graduated, Myrna worked in special education in NY and in Florida. The family moved to Florida in 1986; first to Inveraray and later to Tamarac. Myrna spent some time teaching in a Jewish school in Florida and has very fond memories of her students there.
Myrna was never married and took care of her parents until they passed away. Her father passed away in 2001 and her mom passed away in 2009. After their passing, Myrna was left with the financial burden of their home and had to sell everything. As a result of all the stress, she developed pneumonia and suffered 2 code blue incidents while in the hospital. Today, she has a great attitude and is happy to be alive in the assisted living facility where she lives. She is a regular participant in the TOP program and loved the Bracha party. When I mentioned that we are going to start discussing the holidays, she asked if we are going to talk about Sukkos. I told her that I plan on having a party at my Sukkah for all the TOP particiapnts, and she got the chills remembering her grandparents Sukkah.