Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Only a few months ago, a friend of mine and parent of two former students, Rabbi Howie Seif, asked me to bring TOP to his father in-law. I was introduced to a 96-year-old man who lived on his own with an aide. His daughter and son in law checked in on him daily. I came to his house and we learned Midrash or Chumash every Tuesday. He was very proud of his children and grandchildren. When he heard I taught two of his grandsons, we became instant friends. There were times that I came and Beryl wasn’t feeling well. When I asked if maybe it’s not a god day, he always said we should learn anyway. There were times he was in pain but it did not make a difference – he wanted to learn. Beryl lived most of his life in St. Paul Minnesota He was a CPA, and lived to see children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even a great – great grandchild! All his descendants are Torah observant, following the path they he showed them through example. Tehe Nafsho Tzrurah Beztror Hachaim – May his soul be bounded in the bond of eternal life.