Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Morty was born in 1917 on the lower east side of New York. His family moved to Brooklyn when he was three years old. The family moved several times around Brooklyn, including Williamsburg, Borough Park, Coney Island, and Flatbush. Morty’s parents divorced when he was 14. He had two sisters and was thereon the man of the family. He had to leave school and constantly find odd jobs to support his mother and two sisters. Being that his father was not in the picture and he supported his family, he was able to avoid the draft for several years. Morty was married in November 1942, and was drafted into the Navy in 1943. The Navy sent him to school and then gave him a job working in a top-secret radar lab in Washington DC. He moved up the ranks and left the Navy as a First Class Petty Officer. He and his wife settled down in Brooklyn and had three children, 2 girls and a boy. Morty now has three children, seven grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. His two daughters live in Florida and his son lives in Long Island, New York. Morty and his wife retired and moved to Florida in 1980 and Mrs. Goodman passed away in 2011. She would have reached 100 next month. Morty was living in an apartment complex by himself until October of last year. He gets around with a cane and is still very with it. Morty’s answer to me when I asked if he can help make a Minyan in an hour one Shabbos morning was, “Yes if I live that long.” Well, this past Wednesday we celebrated Morty’s 100th birthday and hope to celebrate many more.