Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Larry was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1932. His family was part of a small religious community that moved together from NY. His grandfather housed the community Mikvah in the basement of his house. Larry met and married his wife while in Yeshiva University in 1952, and graduated with a degree in business in 1954. Larry had only one child, Kenneth who was not well, but he did everything he could to give Kenneth a good life. Kenneth passed away in his fifties, surpassing the doctors’ expectations. After graduation, Larry worked as a real estate broker in Brookline until 1976. In 1976, Larry was offered a business opportunity and moved to Puerto Rico for the next 35 years. Due to his deteriorating health, Larry retired and moved to a retirement facility in Florida. He wanted to be closer to a nephew who lives in Hollywood, Florida. Larry is a regular in my class and I don’t think he has ever missed, but more importantly to me, Larry has become a good friend.