Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Isaac was born in 1920 in New York’s Lower East Side, and went to school there, completing the 8th grade. His family was having a hard time financially, so he went to work as a delivery boy. The family then moved to Tampa, Florida and tried selling shirts in Ybor City.After a year, they moved back to Brooklyn.The whole family attended a Syrian Synagogue on 7th street, right off 20th Ave. After two years of working as a delivery boy, he began to work with his brothers selling sheets and pillowcases. He then went into retail as a delivery boy again.This time, he was able to work his way up to a sales position. When Issac was in his twenties, he began selling shirts door to door. He purchased his merchandise at wholesale cost and and sold it for a nice profit. Eventually, he brought in a partner and his business grew until he was drafted into the army on March 10th, 1942. While stationed at Ellis Island, he contracting hives and his unit left for overseas without him. After the war, he bought a Woolworth’s and several pizza stores. Issac got married for his first time only 13 years ago to a women who was married 3 times before and has two children of her own. He moved to The Plaza at Pembroke Park about 6 weeks ago after being hospitalized. Issac and his wife are both regulars in my weekly classes and thoroughly enjoyed last week’s Shabbos program.