Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Herb was born in 1930 and Jesse in 1926, both in Pennsylvania. They met in Erie where Jesse lived with her family. Herb was a traveling salesman and was passing through Erie when he and a friend went to services at the local temple. It was there that he and Jesse met, and they married in 1952. Herb continued to be a traveling salesman until he opened his own jewelry store. Herb built up his store mainly on credit and because of his sterling reputation, he was able to build his business until he retired. The couple had two children, one son, one daughter, and one granddaughter. Their granddaughter works for the Jewish Agency as a case manager for Holocaust survivors. The couple moved to Florida about three years ago to be closer to their children and be in a warmer climate. Herb and Jesse lived in Weston until Herb developed kidney problems and needed regular dialysis. Herb had to move into a skilled care nursing facility and Jesse moved into an ALF that was nearby. Jesse comes to visit every day. Recently, coming to the TOP classes became part of the couple’s routine, which they look forward to. Jesse is trying to bring TOP into her facility also. One time while we were talking, Herb said that the fact that he enjoys the class is an anomaly, since until now he has been wary of Rabbis and religious classes. Now he said with a smile, “That’s starting to change. “