Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Grace was born in 1920 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She came from a religious family and married right out of school in 1938. Her husband was a traveling salesman, and they had two children. Sadly both children passed away, but Grace is blessed with two granddaughters, one grandson, and six great grandchildren. Grace moved to Coral Gables 50 years ago and opened a very successful antique shop. She traveled all over the world in order to acquire antiques for her shop. During her free time, she volunteered at the Hebrew Home for the Aged. She then moved in to that same home when she saw it was time to retire, six years ago. Grace still enjoys her life! She has become an accomplished artist, and attends all the programs that the ALF has to offer. She is an active member of my class which began as an all men’s class until she joined just recently. No one seems to mind and she is more than welcome.