Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Gordon was born on June 18, 1949, in Miami Beach FL., and attended Central Beach Elementary School on Alton Road, and Temple Emanuel Hebrew School. This school is now known as Leherman Hebrew Day School. Later after his family moved to Coral Gables, he attended Coral Gables High School, graduating in 1967. In those days Coral Gables High was known as the best high school in the state. Gordon attended FIU in Miami. He graduated with a BA in German. After college, Gordon traveled the world. He even became an international travel agent. In the ’80s Gordon settled down in Daytona FL., and worked in construction with his father. Gordon lived in Daytona until 5 months ago when his declining health forced him into the assisted living facility.
Gordon is now an avid participatory member of my weekly class, and the newest awardee of a brand new electric shaver. Months ago I gave a class explaining the Mitzva of not using a razor blade on your face and Gordon was intrigued. He committed to stop using a razor right away even though I was not able to bring him a shaver for a few weeks. He also started wearing a Yalmulka regularly, which I gave him when he said he was going to try to make a Pesach Seder. I thought the Yalmulka was just for the Seder, but Gordon wants to wear it all the time. He is an inspiration for all of us!