Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Gertrude was born in 1932, in Brooklyn, NY. Soon after Gertrude was born, the family moved to Queens where she went to school in Flushing. After high school, Gertrude attended Ccity College. Later, she got a job as a secretary for a clothing manufacturer. It was at the manufacturer that she met her husband to be. He was a buyer for the same business. The company had a rule that you could not work in the same place as your spouse, so Gertrude found a new job in an appliance store. The couple had five girls and six grandchildren. The oldest grandson just got engaged! The family moved to Florida in 1970 for a business deal that never really worked out. Gertrude’s husband passed away about 21 years ago, and she moved in with her daughters. After some years she moved to an ALF and just transferred to The Peninsula about three weeks ago and that is where we met. She said she left the other facility because it wasn’t Jewish enough for her, so she was very happy to know about my class.