Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Esther was born in 1924 in Atlantic City, NJ. Her father emigrated from Turkey and opened a flower shop. Her mother had 10 children altogether but only two boys and one girl survived the war. Esther went to school in Atlantic City. After high school, she worked in her father’s store. She also took charge of her ailing mother’s care. In 1951, she met and married her husband. The couple had two daughters. One daughter is now 66 years old and has two boys and three grandchildren, which makes Esther a great grandmother! Her oldest great granddaughter recently celebrated her Bas Mitzva. Sadly, Esther’s husband who was employed by the Postal service for many years, passed away in 1971.
The couple lived in Philadelphia for the first three years of their marriage and then moved to Miami Beach. Sadly, Esther’s husband, who worked for the Postal service for many years, passed away in 1971. Esther came to the facility in Aventura five years ago after a fall, hospitalization, and rehab. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, she is a very lively women with a very positive attitude. She regrets that she had no official Jewish education and only went to Shul for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, so she highly appreciates the TOP classes that give her a chance to learn about her Judaism