Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Elaine was born in 1936 in Brooklyn NY. After high school she attended Hunter college and majored in accounting. She left college in in 1956 when she met and married her husband. The couple moved to Rockland County. Elaine became a bookkeeper and her husband was a math teacher in City College. They had 2 sons, one lives in Israel in Efrat and the other in North Carolina. The one in Efrat has 5 sons. Both sons are patent attorneys. One grandson recently became a tank driver in the in Israeli army. Elaine and her husband moved to Coral Lakes, Florida when he retired. Elaine decided to move into an ALF after her husband’s passing 2 years ago because as she put it, “My house was no longer home without him.” When I first met Elaine, she was very proud to tell me about her grandson in the Israeli army. Elaine comes to my class every week, and she is very involved in the learning. She also makes sure to ask what time candlelighting is for that Friday.