Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Doris was born July 3 1931, in Staten Island, NY. Her father was from Austria and her mother was from Lithuania. Doris vividly remembers her father used to learn Torah every night with the local Rabbi. Doris went to public school in Staten Island. She learned about Judaism from her parents and grandparents. After graduating high school, she went to City College for a year, but left to get married. Her husband owned a light fixture store in Staten Island. Sadly, her husband passed away when he was only 58 years old. The couple met when he was 14 years old and she was only 12. They had two girls, four grandchildren three great grandchildren. Doris and her husband moved to Florida about 30 years ago to help with her husband’s health. Doris was very independent for most of her life after her husband’s passing. She recently had a bad fall in her apartment and is now confined to a walker. She decided that now is the time to move into an assisted living facility. Doris, who was brought up in an orthodox home, was very happy to see me teaching when she came to look at this facility. She had already made friends, but was worried about the lack of “Yiddishkeit”. We did discuss the fact that although the home is not Kosher, we will help to get Kosher meals delivered. She was very comforted to know that there is someone looking out for her!