Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Carol was born in 1939, in Jackson Heights in Queens, NY. She later moved to Teaneck, NJ. After high school she attended Serena Rial Berkley Secretarial School for Girls. Carol was brought up in an assimilated family but felt a need to attend Synagogue, so her family became regular shul goers due to her influence. Carol got married 1966, and she and her husband moved to Waterbury, Connecticut. As soon as the couple found out that Carol was pregnant they moved to Cheshire. This was a more affluent neighborhood with a much better education. It was there that they had one daughter, Melissa. Carol’s husband worked in insurance for most of his life, and passed away about eight years ago. After becoming handicapped, Carol decided the winters in Connecticut were too difficult for her so moved into a condo in Florida. Carol’s granddaughter, who is a nurse, suggested that she move into an ALF since her health was failing. At this point, Carol struggles with congestive heart failure and neuropathy. Today, Carol resides in an ALF in Pembroke Park and is, thank G-D, a very sharp women. She asks challenging questions and always want to learn more. She is one of the few of my students that is going to read this. Unlike the majority of her generation, she is internet savvy and has her own email address. She also was one of the many people who received her own Shabbos candles this week and is very excited to use them.