Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Alice was born in 1925 in Biala Podlaska, Poland. She is very proud of her heritage, and can trace her family lineage back to the famous Rebbes of Ger. Alice spent the war in a Russian prison camp, which saved her from the Nazis. She and her husband met and married in the camp. The couple had a daughter, a son, and eventually three grand children. Sadly, Alice’s husband did not survive; he was killed in the camp. Alice’s father had brothers in America who sponsored him to go to America after the war. Alice was left behind in Europe where she married her second husband. He also had connections, which enabled her to travel to America through “The Joint Committee” and the family settled in Florida. Her husband worked as a Russian translator for an organization called “Briecha”, which helped and encouraged Aliyah. Together they had a daughter. Sadly Alice’s second husband passed away, but Alice did not give up, and she continued to live a very independent life in Florida until very recently. She now lives in an ALF. Her story is fascinating and one paragraph cannot bring it justice. We hope to get to know Alice much better and maybe bring her story out to the masses.