Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Nathan was born on Sept. 20, 1924, on the Lower East side of Manhattan. His parents had immigrated from Poland and his father worked in a clothing factory until he was laid off due to his age. After that he said his children would take care of him, which is exactly what happened for the rest of his life. Nathan graduated from high school and was soon drafted into the United States Navy. The Navy sent him to school and he became a ship fitter and welder. He was then sent to the Pacific and followed the American fleet all the way to Tokyo to repair ships. After the war Nathan got a job working for a jeweler on 48th St. in Manhattan. When he was 27 years old Nathan met his wife. She was 24. He then went to work for his father in law putting up mirrors and shades. The couple had four children; three girls and one boy. All the children were sent to Jewish schools. One daughter married an old friend of mine, Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, formally of North Miami Beach and is now a rabbi in Monsey, NY. Nathan’s wife, who passed away this past April, said that Hitler took away too many of our people and we need to raise our children to be Jews. That is why all their children were given a Jewish education. Nathan is now the proud grandparents of 16 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren, all of them are Torah observant Jews. Nathan and his wife moved from NY to a Century Village in FL about 21 years ago, and to the ALF six years ago. Nathan comes to my class and loves to talk about his wonderful family.