Providing Joy and Meaning for Florida Seniors

Jack Janis, originally Jakobovitz, was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1927. He went to high school in Irvington, New Jersey and was drafted into the army in 1945, just missing the war. Jack was stationed in Germany and worked in a supply room as a corporal. After being discharged in 1947, he got a job working for Hollander Furs back in Newark. Jack was never married. He had many different jobs over the years. About 21 years ago, the auto part company he worked for went bankrupt. He decided it was time to retire and he moved to Aventura, Florida. He came to Florida to be closer to family as he had a nephew in the area. Jack needed more help and decided to move to an ALF about six months ago. At first Jack was not interested in coming to TOP classes. He agreed to attend one class before Rosh Hashanah. He enjoyed the class and is now a regular!